Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner is a funny and thoughtful immersive theatre show about sexual fantasy, voyeurism and...housework!

This piece of new writing comes from Ethan Mechare who takes you through his stories as a naked house cleaner when he moved to London from Los Angeles. Are you ready to get cleansed?
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'An evening you will remember for a long time'


'Very, very funny'



Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner is more than theatre it’s also an immersive experience. Whether it’s taking place in a real home or in a traditional theatre space it will always feel intimate and like you’re at a good friend’s house.

Directed by Jill Patterson the show is both provocative and humorous. Writer and performer Ethan Mechare will take the audience on a journey through this relatively unknown world while asking the audience to challenge and embrace their own ideas of sexual fantasy and sexual desire.

This is a party, people, so get ready to have your mind expanded with some funny and thoughtful stories, some cheesy balls and a bit of a tipple.